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Our help on homework site is very popular among students all over the world. We have lots of clients of different courses, academic levels and ages. What causes such a big popularity of our service you might ask? Well, we are professionals and that means we deliver an outstanding services to every single customer to fully satisfy highest expectations. We are honest with our customers and try to deliver consistent services. So, if you want to know our advantages among other online homework helpers you should read this list carefully:

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The homework help is available from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the library on Main Street.

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The Homework Help site is located between the adult reference area and the children’s library. The tables here are reserved for Homework Help only, allowing the students to work with minimum distraction.

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Our volunteers are friendly and reliable and are eager to help students with their daily homework assignments. Sayed, a sophomore at Dublin High, is a new volunteer this year in the Homework Help Program. “I came to Homework Help when I was in middle school and now I can help others and gain community service hours,” he says. Crystal, a junior at Dublin High, is a returning volunteer. She says “I enjoy interacting with other students. I get to review work I’ve already done while helping others and sometimes we volunteers help each other with homework too.” Crystal also likes that her volunteering hours at the library meet the requirements for the AVID program, which is a college prep class. Jessica, a senior from San Ramon enjoys helping students and likes that her volunteering can be included on her college applications.

“The Homework Help Program here at the Dublin Library is well under way for the 2009-2010 school year.
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Meanwhile, don’t forget about the Live Homework Help service from the Library’s website. Click on the link, enter your grade level and subject and a trained, professional tutor will work with you in an online, chat environment to help you. Live Homework Help has recently expanded its service to include kindergarten through 3rd grade AND adult learners. Now students from 8 to 85 can connect with a tutor for one-on-one help.

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Once you click on the Brainfuse link on the library homepage, the Brainfuse page has a “login here” button at the top right. To use the main homework help service, no login is needed. However, to use the other features such as taking a practice SAT test, using the writing lab, or sending an email question, it is necessary to login. You only need to set up a free account (similar to the way Learning Express works), to get the most out of the Brainfuse service.

You are welcome to use side assistance from the best homework helper online you can find. Just try it once and you will call this method “my homework help” forever!

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The students will make downpayments and buy the answers to questions you have answered. When your answers are purchased, the payment shall be held for ten days on our site and then they will be eligible for withdrawal if no dispute has been filed on that specific transaction. We always deduct a 20% commission on every payment made to you and this applies to first and consequent payments for every answer. What we mean here is that an answer may be bought by several students which is good for your business. When this happens and a student other than the author of the questions buys your answer, then we shall deduct only 20% of the price as a commission. Disputes are filled for specific transactions and every disputed payment shall be held which makes it not eligible for maturity hence withdrawal. A good and quick method to resolve a dispute is for the homework helper to make a full refund to the student. If you do not make a refund for a dispute filed within three days, we shall then be charging you an extra 20% commission on consequent payments received for your services. We have these measures to make sure that our students are happy and hence a tutor should try to resolve disputes as quickly as possible. What we mean by charging an extra 20% commission is this; if you receive a payment of $ 100 and you do not have a dispute, we shall send $ 80 to your PayPal account upon maturity after ten days when it shall be eligible for withdrawal. Now assuming you have a dispute which has a grace period of over 3 days and you receive $ 100 for your services to a student, then we shall deduct 20% normal commission plus an extra 20% penalty for not resolving the dispute in every transaction made for your services. This means on the $ 100 received, you will receive $ 60 in your PayPal account upon withdrawal.