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Sales of our little book have increased steadily over the last few months. Trying so hard not to count the chickens before they hatch, we have to wonder… are we finally seeing better times in the service industry? For decades, Service Writing provided a great living, as long as you didn’t mind people treating you […]

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Vocational training or job site training is necessary for work in the field. Service writers take classes online or through a community college setting to gain the skills required for the job.

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A service writer works at a garage or dealership. He is responsible for writing repair orders, communicating them to the mechanic and estimating the final cost to the consumer.

Service Writer Book is the source for a great foundation in the Service Industry — Auto, Powersports, Marine.
A service writer interacts with the consumers and mechanics, acting as an informative middleman between the two. With a knowledge of the industry and active part in the automotive trade, a service writer can still be involved in this area of interest without involving himself in manual labor.Legal letter writing requires in-depth knowledge of legal terminologies, format, and structure to be able to produce a well-written letter. Unless you are an expert legal counsel or legal staff who has plenty of exposure to the legal system, you are better off hiring a service to write one for you. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far for one because this is exactly what our service is all about.Service Writing in Black and White was the first book published by Kurt von Ahnen. It is the work that launched the Training Courses for Ducati, and it can help you too!
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As the corporate training source for Ducati NA, we drafted the curriculum and facilitate the course work for their Dealer Network. We are also looking to expand into Automotive training as well — sourcing much of our information form the Service Writing in Black and White series of books… focusing on Lemon Law avoidance.

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The automotive-repair industry hosts a variety of career opportunities beyond the strictly labor-oriented. A position as a service writer is one such position.