How to Edit or Proofread an Essay or Paper: 8 Steps

Try to keep the editing and proofreading processes separate. When you are editing an early draft, you don’t want to be bothered with thinking about punctuation, grammar, and spelling. If your worrying about the spelling of a word or the placement of a comma, you’re not focusing on the more important task of developing and connecting ideas.

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If you took one look at the proofreading cheat sheet and felt a cold shiver run down your spine, don’t panic. The good news is that proofreading symbols are no longer as important as they once were. The wide-spread availability of computers means that the majority of proofreaders now highlight the required changes on an electronic copy of the document. In addition to this, instead of merely pointing out that there is an issue, most proofreaders now actually fix the problem and use the track changes tool on the word processor to show the client where the corrections have been made. The client is then free to either accept or reject each change as they see fit. This methodology makes the proofreading process much more efficient and allows the proofreader to provide the client with much more help than making a few squiggles here and there.

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10. Proofread Your Essay: Make sure to ask multiple people you trust to read your essay for possible grammatical errors or repetitious statements. Having more eyes on your essay to help it be the best will give you a higher chance of getting into your school of choice!

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Proofreading essay is completing a paper that comprises such features: well-written, precise, readable and generally faultless. After completing proofreading process the editor makes sure it has traces of analytical or critical thinking in the paper. Moreover, the editor works hard to iron out the errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting.Once your academic document is sent to your selected proofreader they will thoroughly review your document, make tracking of the changes and offer 100% satisfaction with guaranteed rewarding results. Proofreaders’ activities include clearing the errors and making your writing more professional. Here is the list of things that our proofreader follows while performing the proofreading process for your essay:We are fast, professional and experienced proofreading team that is committed to work around the clock and has reviewed more than 300000 documents of various clients from different universities. Depending on your “proofread my essay” needs, we offer proofreading and editing documents within 24-hour time. We deliver fastly and accurately proofread documents.Personalize your proofreading process by carefully observing what type of error patterns you typically make based upon your own insights coupled with your reviewer or instructor’s comments about your writing. Ask a Writing Lab tutor to help you tease out some of these patterns. Once you have identified your own personalized errors, learn how to fix these errors by talking with your instructor and/or tutors. Think ahead about how to avoid them while you’re in the process of creating the text.
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Our proofreading process will eliminate spelling errors, mistakes in punctuation, language use, consistency, style and tone. By using , we are able to show you where we have corrected your mistakes. We also comment on the work to show you where and how you can add more weight to your argument. This means instead of your tutor having to highlight grammatical and editing mistakes, they can focus on the core of the argument. All our professional proofreaders are fully trained and experienced in the art of referencing and can ensure you do not lose out on that crucial extra 10% of your marks.

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8. Don’t Repeat Yourself: Be concise and clear when writing, as many college admins have to read hundreds of essays. So make sure you are detailed, yet you get to the point of what you are trying to say. According to The Princeton Review, it’s not good to repeat yourself, so make sure you proofread your essay prior to submitting it.

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