If you have any questions about the Homework Help Centers, please

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Find out how to become a at the Homework Help Center!

Homework Help Centers are available at all branches of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Find out how to become a at the Homework Help Center!

The Homework Help Centers (HHC) at Worthington Libraries provide students with access to homework assistance, computers, books and other resources they need to get their homework done.

If you have any questions about the Homework Help Centers, please

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In all, 23 students stopped by the branch�s homework help center for extra academic help.

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Worthington Libraries' Homework Help Centers can help students complete their schoolwork in a snap.

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Several library systems, while not offering homework help centers, do offer other forms of help (apart from the reference services available at all libraries):

During the 2014-15 school year, Zenitsky added, the CML system's Homework Help Centers logged about 87,000 visits.

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Homework help centers are a feature in many local libraries, though primarily in more urban or walkable communities now. A number of suburban libraries either have never offered these after-school, weekday sessions or they have ended them. At Delaware County District Library's Orange branch, the staff offered homework help last school year, but low participation and problems finding volunteers prompted them to cancel the program this year.