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Dear Wendy, I have enjoyed reading and editing your thesis

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FirstEditing offers several editing levels. For students and academic professionals, Level 2 Technical Editing is the best option. It covers the issues most important to these academic writers. Professional editing services remove stress and allow you to focus on your research.

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The proper editing of a dissertation is as essential to success as is the road testing of a car after it has been serviced or repaired. Dissertation editing involves a variety of important tasks. The editor must, of course, edit the work on a purely mechanical level. That is, the editor must search for and change all wording that is inappropriate or incorrect. In addition, the editor must correct errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and formatting.

Our editors have the expertise and experience to improve your manuscript by developing its language, academic tone, and clarity.
Rest assured a dedicated dissertation editor of the website will make sure your draft is in shipshape. Today dissertation editing at online services is perhaps the most popular type of academic proofreading. Why risk and put viva voce at stake, while you can use professional dissertation editing services and save yourself the trouble? Every third graduate uses dissertation editing solutions online and aces the submission. Now it’s your turn!You turn over your paper to have us get started on proofreading thesis work. Now that we have your document, you start to worry about your deadline. We know how important it is to have your editing thesis task done in time. We will give your project the attention it needs without wasting any of your precious time. Relax knowing that we will have your Master’s project delivered back to you in plenty of time for you to submit it to the right offices.
Avoid the stress that goes along with wondering who will edit my thesis. We will complete your work for you quickly and at an affordable rate.
For the rest of us, writing a check for copy editing is the difference between graduating, getting a submission accepted or not.

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Great post and comments. I completed a PhD myself, and while I did not use an editor, I’d strongly recommend it to non-native English speakers. Anonymous makes an excellent point, and I would imagine that it is particularly true of the humanities. My background is in the sciences: I have known brilliant non-native English speaking scientists who might not have been able to begin a scientific career, were it not for editing services. In the STEM fields, academics are evaluated more heavily on the basis of their science. It is not the editor’s place to modify that aspect in any way, but merely to ensure that the science is communicated clearly. I now do freelance editing for theses, journal articles, and grant applications, which I find to be very rewarding. Keep in mind, too, that using an editing service can potentially save academic advisors valuable time–I’ve had a couple of advisors who recommend that their students send documents my way for just that reason.

I have enjoyed reading and editing your thesis. I found the topic you’ve written about to be very interesting.

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Our professional editors have the highest academic qualifications and experience from leading British and American universities.

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Even brilliant quality writing requires editing. Editing is one of the most important factors which decide the success of your writing pieces. If you find difficulty in editing your thesis, you can always choose the best that can help you in getting rid of any errors that might have entered into your dissertation while it would have been written.