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MCP: Right. And it had a lot of other important components — questions related to the prevalence of font sharing, illegal font downloading, font use in general, where people buy their fonts, what they look for in fonts, the ideal price they wish to pay for fonts, and the discount that would make them buy a font that they like but do not need. There were some interesting insights related to emotion versus function in fonts. There were so many questions I wanted to include but I had to narrow it down as much as possible since no one likes taking a long survey! I also asked demographic questions, and I was able to use that data to see how different demographic groups responded to each question.

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You can buy the font right from . The personal use license is good for one year and only costs about $14. Once you have the font downloaded, you can set it up as the default font to use on all of your devices. Documents converted to the font will also print out nicely and be easier to read. This might make downloading a printing e-books a good idea for you, finally. Schools pay about $124 a year for the font, which is peanuts really. If you’re a corporation or a publisher though you will pay significantly more – from $165 and up. When up to 15 percent of a population could be dyslexic, this is money well spent.

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